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  1. Where did you grow up? Kaneohe, Hawaii ??
  2. Can you remember your first TEAMride class? How long did it take until you realized you wanted to be an instructor? How long did it take until you realized you wanted to be an instructor? Yes!! It was at the East Sac studio, I was in the back row right in the middle. I thought 5 lb weights were a great idea ??‍♀️. When is was over, all I remember thinking was “I’m never doing this again!” Then Dakotah came back from SF and also worked at Lululemon with me at the time and I began going to her classes weekly. She said in a year, her goal is to have me teach at TR. Thanks for manifesting this for me D!!
  3. Best part of being a TEAMride instructor is… I get scheduled time with people in the community that I love! I get an opportunity to make someone’s day better or to just be there to hold space for whatever it is that they need.
  4. Song you’ve had on repeat? Drop It Like That -Zeskull & The Dual Personality Remix. It’s got a reggae vibe and makes you want to move.
  5. AM or PM rides? It really doesn’t matter, I’ll ride all day errrrday!
  6. Favorite way to sweat outside of TEAMride? Yoga at @urbanyogi with my best, @trynicki and Shred with our girl Francesca!
  7. What’s your #1 life hack? BE KIND & BE GRATEFUL! These two things have gotten me very far in life.
  8. Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon in Sac? Saturday is my one full day off of all work and sweat. Anything goes on Saturdays!
  9. Best memory since you joined TEAMride? Oh my gosh there are so many to choose from!! I’d have to say, The ride at the Kimpton Sawyer overlooking the pool! It’s the one and only time I’ve taught an outdoor ride and that one was gorgeous. I remember thinking “Holy sh**, this is a huge opportunity for me. I’ve arrived!” Haha But really it was the coolest experience I’ve had on a bike so far.
  10. #1 piece of advice for someone looking to have an awesome ride? Let go of all expectations and just ride! ….and participate in the hups. Just let it out!

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    • Sunday’s @ 8:00am in MDTN
    • Monday’s @ 5:30pm in ESAC
    • Wednesday’s @ 6:30pm in ESAC
    • Friday’s @ 9:30am in ESAC (coming Oct 18)
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