Hometown: West Covina, CA

Favorite Sactown Hangout? BADLANDS. It’s like TEAMride without the bikes

Favorite Quote? “Work hard. Be nice to People”

What is one goal that you’re currently working on?Living in the moment and really savoring what is happening now instead of always thinking of what’s next

What do you want to be when you grow up?I don’t really want to grow up…I imagine that the older me is pretty much the same except maybe she understands how the stock market works and can host an extravagant Thanksgiving dinner

Three things you can’t live without:Naps, breakfast foods, and laughter

Beach, mountains, or big city, and why? Beach. Everything just moves a little slower when you’re by the water

Describe the music in your class: Well rounded. I like a little bit of everything and I LOVE when throwbacks make an appearance

Favorite guilty pleasure: Target. You always walk out feeling a little guilty but a little excited

Who has influenced you the most? My guy, Eric. He is the hardest working person I know and is so motivated and talented but is incredibly humble

What is something that you think everyone should do at least once in their life?Put themselves first. It is a really scary thing to do but you can’t be someone for someone else if you aren’t on your own team

Who are your top 3 musical artists of all time? Lady Gaga, Panic at the Disco, Frank Sinatra

Pick a Brad: Pitt, Cooper, or Paisley? Cooper. Specifically in A Star is Born

Pick a Jen: Lopez, Aniston, Lawrence? Lawrence. Specifically that time she yelled “Where’s the pizza?!”

How do you want to feel at 100 years old? Like I did it all

What is one thing you ALWAYS have in your fridge/pantry? Something sweet. I really don’t think dinner is complete without dessert

Why TEAMride? The people. You can workout anywhere but the people that fill up that studio create magic. When you are surrounded by those who show up and are willing to get vulnerable it changes the game. You will always walk out feeling successful and supported

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