Orange Out Challenge

Friday, Dec 1 – Tuesday, Dec 12

Ride as many instructors as you can in 12 days!

Challenge Rules

  1. Dates: Friday, December 1 – Tuesday, December 12
  2. Notes:
    • 1 Freebie: Since there are 13 instructors and only 12 days in the challenge, you get 1 freebie where you can orange out an instructor you won’t be able to ride
    • 1 Double Day: You can cross off 2 instructors on one day. Exception: You cannot cross of 2 instructors on 1,2,1,2 Day (Dec 12)
  3. Track Your Progress: Get your challenge card stamped off at the front desk every time you come to ride! Challenge cards available starting Monday, Nov 27.
  4. Share Your Progress (optional): Use our InstaStory template to share your progress with our community. Please remember to tag @teamridestudios so we can cheer you on!  See it hereOrange Out Challenge
  5. Completion: Turn in your challenge card by Tuesday, Dec 12

Challenge Rewards

    • • Orange Out 6 Instructors: Get 10% off 1 piece of apparel
    • • Orange Out 9 Instructors: $20 added to your Account
    • • Orange Out 11 Instructors: $50 added to your Account
    • • Orange Out all Instructors: $100 added to your Account

How to Join

  1. Officially Register for the Challenge here:

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