TEAMride & Rise: An Empowerment Program for Adolescent Girls


TEAMride & Rise is a series for adolescent girls (ages 11-14) dedicated to breaking down the stereotypes of health and beauty, exploring the negative implications social media plays in depression and anxiety in adolescent girls, and building a stronger sense of self-esteem and self-love. 

Our goal is to create an experience where young girls are encouraged, supported, and empowered to love themselves exactly as they are. 

TEAMride Instructors Francesca & Rachel will lead this 8 week program (meeting twice a week) at our Midtown studio. Each session is 1 and ½ hours long and will consist of a fun and high-energy 35-minute TEAMride style ride and a 45-minute interactive workshop to include discussions on relevant topics (self-esteem, social media, etc) journaling, and fun activities (vision boards).

Location: TEAMride Midtown – 2701 N Street
Dates: June 14th – August 11th | 2x per week | Every Monday/Wednesday
Time: 11:00a – 12:30pm

Age: 11-14
Height: 4’11” or taller

Scholarship opportunities available for those in need of financial assistance
Please email Rachel at

Once purchased, your daughter is automatically enrolled in the Program! In the notes section of the purchase form, please indicate your daughter’s first and last name!

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