Commit to 31 days of sweat!

We believe in the power of movement both on and off the bike. For the month of January, we commit to sweating every day. We move, sweat & raise those endorphins to take control of 2020 and set an awesome tone for the rest of our year. Enjoy the power of sweat with the support of our amazing TEAMride community.

Challenge Guidelines

  1. January 1-31 (31 days of sweating, consecutively)
  2. Minimum of 20 sweat dates at TEAMride
  3. Remaining sweat dates are open
    • – i.e: yoga, pilates, trx, bootcamp, running, swimming, etc
  4. The goal is to sweat everyday… so double days (while intense and awesome) only count for 1 day.
  5. You are responsible for your challenge card. Get a TEAMride stamp every time you ride and keep track of what you do on your non-TEAMride days (honor system)
  6. Turn in your completed challenge card by Wednesday, February 5
  7. There is no cost to participate in the Challenge aside from the cost for classes. Pre-registration required. Sign-up below:

Make the Commitment!

Sweat every day in January

What to Expect

  1. Challenge cards will be available at both studios starting on Friday, December 27
  2. Join our TEAMride Moves Facebook group created exclusively for this challenge. Participants can use this as a forum to chat with other challengers and set sweat dates with fellow TEAMriders!
  3. Group sweat dates (see challenge card) and a final party to celebrate all our hard work!
  4. Weekly emails, exclusive to this group, to keep you motivated
  5. Finishers discount code received by Friday, February 7!

What You’ll Get

Besides looking & feeling amazing 🙂 Anyone who completes the challenge will get 25% off their next package INCLUDING unlimited!

TEAMride will never post anything to your Facebook Account without your permission.